index of projects

runninScreen, an info system for the facade of IVAM


two surfaces, a printed one (1) fixed onto the glass of the windows upon the doors. another one (2) run in top of the windows showing digital info


surface schema


printed surface (1) allow twelve independent areas for exposition advertisement and permanent display of sponsor logos. digital screen (2) moves over each module and allows more detailed information, images and video.

A publishing software helps to the museum crew in the edition work and prepares the digital files for printing and synchronization of the digital info.

the synchronization system can receive SMS from mobile phones, move to a module and display the requested information (exposition data, video of the space, artist's data, etc.)


printed surfaces


expositions info in the printed modules


digital running screen


digital screen over a module showing images and scrolling text


screen moves to next module, content changes in synchronization with underlying design


screen displays info about next module




only text info in scrolling mode


images can be seen up to 6x4 mt.
video zoom allows to display complete details of artworks


Alberto Moral
december 2005