blue sea
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blueSea, imersion on digital water.


developed for the Julio Verne exposition in the Museo del Mar, Vigo (SPAIN), this installation intends to be a evocation of the view through the window of the Nautilus, Captain's Nemo submarine house, in the book 20.000 leguas de viaje submarino.
I can remember James Manson looking to his ideal subacuatic city. I think it is a beautiful dream.


first commercial application of my recent interactive video works based in EYESWEB softare, a opensource plataform with the fastest developing system i've seen.
this and other works I'll publish soon, is based in a digital feedback effect (see eyesweb patch in the image below), a sofware loop that can reproduce the basis for natural elements like water, fire, smoke...


Alberto Moral
julio 2005